Revit Draughting

Revit Draughting - Level of Service

At Markplan we pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of our drawing service.  Our draughting team is based in house, which ensures a very tight collaboration with our Engineers is maintained during the design phase.  Our approach to producing all of our structural drawings in 3D, with no increase in time, provides improved coordination and buildability on site, regardless of project size.  For larger or complex projects, we are finding that clients and/or design teams prefer a BIM approach to projects (see below).

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of  digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of, in our case, building structures.  Often BIM files are exchanged to allow seamless coordination, in effect simulating real-life performance, and providing the opportunity for clients to manage buildings long after their completion.  Ultimately, the benefits of BIM on your project include improved coordination, confidence in complex design, and the potential to reduce design cost and facilitate a smooth construction period due to project certainty.

Given our work covers a very wide range, both in size and type, we offer varying levels of draughting service. 

  • For typical residential and smaller projects, we often produce structural/civil details that coordinate and complement the architectural drawings.
  •  As the projects increase in size or complexity, such as small commercial or larger residential builds, we can produce a structural layout plan referencing the detailed elements.  Bracing layouts can also be provided.
  • For large or complex projects such as multi-storey buildings or high-end architectural residential dwellings, we suggest adopting a 'full-service' level of draughting - see below for further details on how a 'full service' can benefit your next project. This essentially consists of a full suite of drawings generated from our 3D model and includes plans, sections, details, elevations, perspectives, etc.  If desired, we can even produce schedules for items such as reinforcing.

Full Service - how this can benefit your next project

  • Large complicated project
We model/draw in 3D, provide layout plans, details, overviews and sometimes schedules if desired.  We can provide all drawings in 3D, right down to the reinforcing bars, nuts and bolts.  We take the guesswork out - we know it will fit together on site.
  • Residential
Often concrete structures require full-service draughting where suspended concrete floors or masonry walls require
elevations and reinforcing to be detailed.  Complex roof structures or cantilevered structures usually require this
of draughting.
  • Commercial
Full construction plans.
Foundation layouts, slab plans, elevations, sections, details and 3D overviews.  Schedules if required.

Residential Ribraft®  Floors
Ribraft®  floors are done as an almost stand-alone engineered item.  

Our Ribrafts®  are drawn in 3D and schedules are provided showing volume of concrete and volume of pods, right down to the dimension of every pod.  Many contractors get pods pre-cut from the manufacturer, using our plans to minimise wastage and the need for cutting on site.

Civil Projects

Civil design and draughting is carried out in Civil 3D which complements the 3D Revit structural design and draughting process.

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